Qualifications for Laser Treatments

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Do you need qualifications to perform laser treatments?

As it stands today, there are no regulated forms of qualification needed to buy and treat a client with a potentially very high powered laser machine in most parts of the UK! This is madness right?

Finally, legislation is due to come into effect in 2023 to mandatory force that all operators of laser machinery have achieved the advanced level 4 qualification to be able to safely perform these treatments and continue the external training to be able to use these machines safely.

At Be.aesthetics we already hold the qualifications needed to perform the treatments that we offer, we have the highest advanced VTCT (Ofqual) qualification and are also a member of the British Medical Laser Association and continually seek external professional training to keep up with the latest techniques and advice to give you, our clients, the best and safest treatment possible. We are not all the same, do your research very carefully before choosing your clinic.