The time of year for Laser?

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Why do most clients consider laser hair removal at this time of year?

To be honest, we laser clients all year round, but why could this be the best time to start for you?

Most people want to get to the following summer and not have to worry so much about sun exposure, if clients start their journey by September, a significant reduction of hair can be achieved within this time. This means you can plan your holidays and avoid covering up as much as you would have too if the areas you are thinking of treating are generally exposed.

Imagine not having to take your razor on holiday, or grab a last-minute painful waxing session so you can wear whatever you want without the irritation of skin rashes, cuts or ingrown hairs?

Why would you continue to wax when you are actually only hair free for ¾ months out of the 12 months of the year, but alternatively you can have a permanent reduction of up to 95% of your hair after having laser with half the pain of waxing! It is no wonder clients comment that they wish they had started much sooner.

Our Eneka PRO Diode laser hair removal device is the only highest-powered diode laser here in Taunton, Somerset

Isn’t it about time you stopped other methods of hair removal for a permanent option?