How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

For most of our clients at Be Laser & Skin Clinic, understanding how Diode Laser hair removal works is essential for those considering moving away from waxing, shaving or using a home bought IPL device. An example of a proven and established result driven laser is the Eneka PRO Diode Laser machine. Eneka PRO is designed to offer clinically proven results while maintaining maximum patient safety & comfort.


The Eneka PRO multi-disciplinary, clinically proven platform, is designed to work for all skin and most hair types. Standard IPL models for instance, treat only lighter skin with darker hair and therefore not everyone is suitable. Also, some darker skin types have too much melanin to treat safely by IPL and is therefore not recommended for those type of machines.


Eneka PRO Diode Laser hair removal dual wavelength technology allows all skin types to have laser hair removal. Unfortunately, lasers still hold some restrictions on hair colour which require a higher degree of melanin in the hair follicle. Hair that is light blonde, grey or red we are unable to treat due to the lack of melanin or different type of pigment in the hair.


We at Be Laser & Skin Clinic use the Eneka PRO due to its high powered medical grade diode laser which delivers a specific wavelength (810nm) of high energy laser light to the skin. The laser selectively heats up the melanin and destroy the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding skin. The Eneka PRO was only released in the UK in March 2022 and is the most in demand lasers during the last year with its super high power and sapphire cooling system.

Laser hair removal is only effective during the Anagen phase of hair growth, when your hair is actively growing and attached to the bulb. To treat a specific body area, multiple sessions are required to ensure that you target each specific hair follicle at that time, where each single hair can be in a different cycle of hair growth. And this growth cycle can depend on the body area, so it is advised to wait around a minimum of four weeks before your next session. We will advise you which area during your consultation, but this can vary between 4-10 week intervals


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