Starting your Laser Journey

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What do we recommend you consider before you start your laser journey?

We all know that waxing and shaving is a time-consuming process! It also requires a lot of money and valuable time spent when you could be busy doing other things. This is why lots of people are considering alternative hair removal treatments. at Be.aesthetics laser hair removal can sound expensive, but if it’s done properly, it is a permanent reduction, which could save you an absolute fortune in the long run.


1) Multiple treatments are certainly needed

In most cases results can be seen after one or two sessions, but we recommend six to ten laser sessions to achieve a successful reduction. This is all down to our own hair growth cycles and the intervals between sessions, depending upon the area being treated this can vary.

Laser hair removal is only effective during the Anagen phase of hair growth, when your hair is actively growing and attached to the bulb. To treat a specific body area, multiple sessions are required to ensure that you target each specific hair follicle at that time, where each single hair can be in a different cycle of hair growth. And this growth cycle can depend on the body area, so it is advised to wait around a minimum of four weeks before your next session. We will advise you which area during your consultation, but this can vary between 4-10 week intervals


2) Complete the full course

Depending upon the size of the area being treated, each area being treated can take between 5 to 30 minutes on average, but it’s important to complete a full course of treatments to make sure you get the reduction you need for permanent hair removal. Even if you see great hair removal results after 2 or 3 sessions, hair follicles can continue to appear and hair can start growing again in the future unless each follicle has been targeted with our Diode laser.


3) Shave 24 hours before your laser treatment

It is always advised that you shave the treatment area around 24 hours before the treatment. We need a days growth of hair to allow the beam of the laser to travel down the hair shaft and destroy the anagen hair at the base, hair that has been left longer will absorb too much of the energy from the laser and not be as effective


4) You must avoid sun exposure

This is important! Laser can be performed at any time of year, but we do recommend that you are ‘sun safe’ during your laser treatments during the summer months. If you have been exposed to the sun, we cannot safely treat you. Sun damaged skin can be irritated or burned by the laser as well as risking hyperpigmentation. So, if you are scheduling a laser treatment, please try protecting your skin from sun damage for around 30 days before the treatment, by either staying out of the sun as much as you can, or by wearing a good strong sunblock cream and covering the area being treated with loose clothing if possible or a floppy hat if we are lasering the face.