Skin Rejuvenation and Tightening

The plasma generated by Planoplas® PRO consists of ionized gas, similar to a microflash. The energy required is minimal, but the plasma generated transfers the energy very precisely to the skin, sparing the surrounding tissue, which stimulates new collagen type 1 and elastin, which is vital for firmer, smoother skin

Immediate tightening

With this technology, the skin is effectively “shrunk” with virtually no pain, producing an immediate tightening effect that can last for years.

The precision of the planoplas® Plasma Pen is superior and allows for non evasive, excellent results with no surgery required, and with minimal disruption. The results are amazing given that they don’t result in surgery with the related considerations and downtime that come with it.

Results usually last around 3 years but can be permanant. Only a single session for skin tightening and lifting is normally required to achieve incredible results


Before & After



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