Laser & Skin Care During Summer

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With the gorgeous spells of hot weather we (sometimes) get in the UK, at Be.aesthetics we take a look at how you can look after your delicate skin and whether Laser Hair Removal is a safe idea when you are topping up your tan!

If you are thinking of getting Laser Hair Removal treatments during hot spells of weather, it is essential that you look after your skin by using sunblock and avoiding the damages of sunburn. If you have recently had a bit of sunburn, you must tell your Laser Technician so we can make sure that we keep your skin safe and healthy and can adjust your net session to allow your skin to heal before you continue your treatments.


Use Sunscreen

Always use a good sunblock, not only between Laser Hair Removal treatments, but at all times. We recommend that you use a sunscreen cream with at least SPF 50, and try to use a mineral sunblock that contains zinc oxide, which gives your skin stronger protection and is much more longer lasting. Just be warned that you can still tan using a factor 50 and do not use this as an aid only, loose clothing and shade must also be worn

If you have recently been sunburned, you should not have any Laser treatments until the skin has fully healed, this is because the Laser will apply extra heat to the skin and can cause further damage to the skin so just let us know.


Avoid direct sun exposure

The UV rays in the sun can be very damaging to the skin and should never be quickly followed by a Laser treatment. It is always best to wait at least 4 weeks until the skin has fully recovered until you get another laser session, meaning Laser Hair Removal results will be far less effective. Have fun in the sun, but stay safe! Laser Hair Removal is an amazing treatment and is life changing, but it is a commitment from you to keep exposure to a minimum for a couple of months over the summer


Tanning Products

There are numerous sun-free tanning products that do an amazing job at giving you a boost of colour when we need it. But these should also be avoided if you are considering Laser Hair Removal treatments, as they contain various chemicals and oils that can cause adverse reactions when Laser is applied to the skin. We will not tell you to avoid self-tan, but make sure this has been fully removed 10 days before your laser session