Common questions we get asked when clients ask when they visit, so we thought we would give you a little insight….


Does laser removal hurt?

No, treatment does not hurt, the bikini areas can be a little more sensitive (But we provide extra cooling for this!) but most people liken it to a hot elastic band feeling, we want you to feel something, but we do not want you in pain. We have two settings on our machine, FHDR and DHR mode, which we can use to minimise any uncomfortableness during treatments, and we have an effective cooling system on the machine.


How many sessions will I need?

This can tend to differ between individuals. We recommend a minimum of 6 due to the hair growth cycle but on average it takes a few more sessions than this. We normally suggest you will need to commit to 8-10 treatments to get the reduction you need. Faces will take a bit longer due to hormones if people are struggling with facial hair. Facial hair is hormonally driven so can be a longer process.


What machine do you have?

We are proud to provide treatments using the incredible Eneka PRO. This amazing high-powered diode was only released in the UK in March 2022, so we can promise that if any machine can reduce your unwanted hair, this one can! This wonderful machine is a European manufactured medical grade approved device similar to machines only normally seen in private hospitals.


Can you treat grey hair?

No, lasers can only target hair which has an element of pigment in it, grey hair has lost its pigment, so we are unable to treat this colour I am afraid. We cannot treat fair blonde for the same reason and red hair will not be treated due to having a different pigment altogether in the hair and it will not work.


Can you treat all skin types?

Yes. Diode laser are the ‘gold standard’ for all skin types for hair removal but depending on the darkness of the skin type and the area being treated, if we are unable to safely use the FHDR mode, we may suggest that you look for a different laser to treat you. If you send us a photo, we can advise further but client safety is paramount in our clinic.


How far apart are the sessions?

Depending on your hair and skin type and the area being treated, you will usually require treatments at 4–10-week intervals. Each part of the body has a different hair growth cycle, so the hair loss will vary depending on what phase your follicles are in at the time of treatment.


Can you treat under 18’s?

No, we are unable to treat any minors under the age of 18.


Will taking hair supplements affect my laser treatment?

Yes – hair supplements can affect your treatment progress as they can stimulate hair growth. We recommend to not consume hair supplements during the treatment course. Especially ones that contain biotin


What if I am on other medication?

We need to make sure you are not on any medication that will cause side effects with the laser, especially medication which can make your skin photosensitive. Please send us an email if you are unsure but we may request that you can stop taking this medication prior to treatment if it is safe to do so. Always refer to your GP beforehand


Are there any side effects of having laser hair removal treatments?

Temporary side effects may include redness, itchy skin, mild follicle swelling, irritation on treatment areas. All of which are completely normal post treatment. It is important to follow the correct prep and aftercare to receive maximum results with minimal side effects to the treatment.


Can I have laser during the summer?

Yes, you can safely have laser during the summer. We just need you to be ‘sun safe’ and keep areas being treated out of the direct sun using a strong SPF50 and loose clothing. We are unable to laser with an active tan due to the higher risk of burning.


Can I shave or wax in between appointments?

You can shave as much as you like in between sessions but not wax, we need the hair in the follicle to be able to heat the germ cells to 70oC to kill it off, once that hair has been destroyed in the follicle, it will never grow in that follicle again.


Will I need top ups?

Yes, at some point you will produce new follicles, this will always happen whilst we are still living and breathing, we cannot control what your body wants to do, but by having top ups, this will keep the new hair growth at bay. We normally recommend a top up every 6 months or so depending on how aggressive your hormones are.


Is your clinic just female only?

We provide treatments to all! We are a complete unisex clinic. Everyone is welcome in our extremely private location.


What are the payment options?

We offer affordable pay as you go sessions, buy a course of 4 sessions and save 10% or buy a course of 8 and we reduce your costs by 20%, how you pay is totally up to you. We take many forms of payments, cash, bank transfer, credit and debit cards or Klarna if you wish to buy a course and spread the cost, we can also offer a split payment plan in our clinic if treatment is over £1000